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đŸ”´Dreaming In Binary – Dai En Artworks/Heart Space Studio

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đŸ”´Dreaming In Binary

48.00 x 32.00 in


Artist Statement to Converge Gallery- Zeigiest

Dreaming in Binary is a series of works that build on the use of Binary Code. It is
everywhere, everyday and inundates our lives with our phones and computers.
This is a language of our time that is never spoken, but always a translation.


Daily Prayers of Intention
I am here, I am present in mind and body
I am actively listening to receive what the Universe has to offer.
We are all one with each other, a collective consciousness.
I open my heart so I may see and know the truth.
Bringing my awareness to my thoughts, speech and actions;

May I be of benefit to the world

Additional information
Dimensions 48 × 32 in